This post is mainly focus on quick guide on how to earn PSWAP by adding liquidity on Polkaswap.

  1. Buy Ethereum (ETH) from market using any available crypto exchange (e.g. Huobi or Binance)
  2. Transfer the ETH to your Metamask wallet
  3. Go to Polkaswap, to “bridge” ETH from Ethereum network to SORA network
  4. Swap ETH to XOR
  5. Swap ETH to PSWAP
  6. Add XOR-PSWAP liquidity pool



Stake your $CAKE to start earning $ATA

  • Total Token Rewards : 3,000,000 ATA
  • Distribution duration: 60 days
  • Start Time: Approx. 7am UTC on June 7th
  • Finish Time: Approx. 7am UTC on August 6th
  • Token rewards per block: 1.7361 ATA

To get started, visit the $ATA Syrup pool here.

ATA-BNB Liquidity Pool

You can…



A blockchain explorer (also known as blockchain browser or block explorer) is a website or software or search tool that allows its users to search and navigate a blockchain to retrieve information. A blockchain explorer can be used (among other things) to check transaction details including the address, transaction status, transaction hash, block hash, block height, transaction fee, gas limit and gas price, Token contract address, Token name, issuance, etc.

List of blockchain explorer (some which i personally used):

Bitcoin (BTC)

BTC explorer

Ethereum (ETH)



There are lot of cryptocurrency exchanges available for you to start in crypto world, let me just share a few which I personally using now.


It has almost all function you need to start on cryptocurrency trading.

Get 10% on trading fees by register here


Simple and clear platform as cryptocurrency trading.

Get 15% on fees by register here

Note: as there are already a lot of review and comparison on above, i will not listing them here, feel free to search from net and get information you require.




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